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Expert Witness Case Study: Finding an Expert in Pulmonology

Expert Witness Case Study: Finding an Expert in Pulmonology

A client engaged IMS Legal Strategies | Juris Medicus to vet and place a pulmonary expert witness with extensive knowledge in performing objective reviews of medical records and radiology, particularly computed tomography (CT) scans of chest and spirometry tests.

The Case Challenge

We supported the defense in disputing the plaintiff's assertions of various health issues, including dizziness, headaches, weakness, shortness of breath, persistent cough, and blurred vision. The plaintiff, a security guard at a chemical plant in Texas, alleged exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas as the cause of these complaints. Given the complexity of the case, a pulmonology expert was essential to conduct an impartial evaluation of the claimed medical conditions.

Our client sought an expert who was a board-certified medical professional in pulmonology, with a specialization in treating diverse lung ailments. Additionally, the client requested an expert with a proven record of accurately assessing medical records and interpreting radiology scans.

The Expert Solution

Recognizing the unique parameters of each personal injury case and the varied objectives of our clients, our case management team meticulously identified several qualified experts from our panel. Further refining the selection based on location and testimony history, our team selected several top candidates and presented comprehensive CVs and fee schedules to our client.

The chosen expert is a pulmonary specialist certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine who boasts nearly 15 years of clinical practice. Apart from expertise in pulmonary care, the expert specializes in critical care medicine, managing a spectrum of critical illnesses, including cases requiring respiratory support through mechanical ventilation. Notably, in addition to proficiency in conducting radiology and medical records reviews, the expert has a wealth of experience providing testimony.

The Outcome

Due to the expert's thorough review and objective assessment of CT scans of the plaintiff’s chest, spirometry tests, and deposition testimony, the case was successfully resolved before reaching the trial stage, attesting to the effectiveness of our expert selection process.

How We Can Help

We recruit top-tier medical experts to join our elite expert panel following The IMS | JM Process. Our case management team is professional and deadline-driven to guarantee seamless support, which allows you to select the best-aligned expert for your case. Whether you require advisory services, a radiology or medical records review, an independent medical examination, or testimony, our process ensures you find the right witness. Contact our team to start your search today:

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