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5 Tips For Becoming A Medical Expert Witness

5 Tips For Becoming A Medical Expert Witness

If you have worked in the medical field and are looking to put that practice to use elsewhere, then perhaps you have thought of pursuing a role as a medical expert witness. Medical expert witnesses are an incredibly important part of legal cases every day, as they can provide unbiased insight into matters where medical conditions and medical practice are key issues.

In this article, we acknowledge some of the basic qualifications you will need to become a medical expert witness. Keep in mind that these requirements can vary from state to state.

Practice Requirements

To be eligible for a medical expert role, you will need to meet certain requirements for your work. The first requirement is that you have a current medical license. You should also have a board certification or be board-eligible in your medical specialty. Additionally, you should have actively practiced to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable in the industry.

In Texas specifically, rules of civil procedure stipulate that a medical expert has a curriculum vitae which details your education, training, and qualifications, as well as your authored publications in the last 10 year period. You must also document any deposition or trial testimony delivered in the previous 4 years where you were a retained expert, a fact witness with related medical expertise, or a practitioner who provided treatment to a party injured in an accident where a lawsuit has been filed.

These requirements are in place so that a judge and ultimately a jury can feel confident that you have the experience and knowledge needed to help explain and opine on medical concepts.

Practical Requirements

There are also practical requirements that come with being a medical expert witness. You need to have a flexible schedule to potentially provide your deposition or attend court. You must be able to meet deadlines as specific timelines in cases are designated by the court. Make sure your CV is current so that when it is presented it will accurately reflect your credentials. If you do not manage your own practice, you should also check with your employer to make sure they will allow you to serve as a medical expert witness.

These qualifications, along with being a dependable, truthful, detail-oriented professional with excellent communication skills, will facilitate you to become a medical expert witness.

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