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Beyond The Bio: A Spotlight on Travis Monk

Beyond The Bio: A Spotlight on Travis Monk

As Case Records Supervisor at IMS Legal Strategies | Juris Medicus (IMS | JM), Travis Monk is a team player who has successfully grown within the organization. Travis "Operates as One" and delivers "Quality & Excellence" to clients and experts. Read on to learn how Travis chose this industry, what he values, what sets IMS | JM apart, and more.

Q: How/why did you get into this industry?

A: In my previous role as a pharmacy technician, I felt I had maxed out my career growth and knew that I did not want to attend pharmacy school. In addition to my passion for health care, I have always been interested in the legal field. This role is the best of both worlds and allows me to utilize my experience in pharmacy settings and my bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration to make a difference.

Q: How did you find/why did you choose IMS | JM?

A: A family friend, now colleague, referred me because of my experience in reviewing medical records as a pharmacy technician. After doing some research, I knew this could be my new “home” because I felt like there would be plenty of opportunities to grow and develop my career, as IMS | JM believes in career growth within.

Q: What do you like most about your specific department and/or role?

A: My department is connected to and interacts with several other internal departments, so I see how the organization works. I also love the support and advocacy I can give to my team and see them succeed.

Q: What internal accomplishment are you most proud of?

A: My growth is something I am most proud of. I started as a chronologist, worked my way up to chronology team lead, and now am a case records supervisor. Each position has allowed me to support and guide my colleagues throughout the full litigation process. It is especially rewarding to watch everyone succeed due to the support we provide one another.

Q: What do you think sets IMS | JM apart from competitors or other companies?

A: What sets us apart from the others is the white glove service that we provide to our clients, experts, and everyone else in between. We ensure every detail is handled and go above and beyond to make everyone's job easier.

Q: How do the IMS | JM core values align with your own?

A: I cannot choose just one since all the core values help me succeed, but if I have to choose, it would be "Operate as One," as I am always ready to step in and support my teammates.

Q: If you were an attorney-client (or an expert witness), what would you find most valuable about the process at IMS | JM?

A: Our most valuable process is handling the medical records between the client and the expert, keeping everything organized and streamlined for both parties. In providing a detailed index of records with hyperlinks to relevant information, we can expedite reviews of medical records allowing our experts to opine on multiple cases in a quick and efficient manner.

Q: Do you have any predictions or comments on industry trends?

A: My prediction is that this industry is going to become even more popular as attorneys learn that this type of expert witness service is available.

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IMS | JM is honored to have Travis Monk on the team. Thank you, Travis, for all you do!

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