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Employee Spotlight: Celeste Iglesias

Employee Spotlight: Celeste Iglesias

Recently promoted to case manager at Juris Medicus (JM), Celeste Iglesias helps deliver dependable solutions and “Quality & Excellence” to colleagues, experts, and clients. Read on to learn about how Celeste found JM, her proudest accomplishment, JM’s core values, and more.

Q: How/why did you get into this industry?

A: I developed a strong interest in the legal field while completing my BBA, which prompted me to take on my initial role as a file clerk at a law firm. I was drawn to the complexities and challenges of the industry and transitioned into a legal assistant role, which allowed me to apply my skills and knowledge from my business background in a new and meaningful way. This journey has been driven by my passion for the legal field and my desire to contribute effectively within it.

Q: How did you find/why did you choose JM?

A: I was familiar with JM and their services as both firms I worked for utilized JM’s expert panel for their cases. This exposure allowed me to appreciate the high-quality services they provide, which piqued my interest and ultimately led me to explore opportunities to join their team.

Q: What do you like most about your specific department and/or role?

A: What I appreciate most about case management is the seamless collaboration and dedication to delivering top-notch quality and excellence in coordinating our cases. I enjoy working as a cohesive team, always striving to put our best foot forward to meet the unique needs of our clients and their cases. This commitment to teamwork and excellence is something I find particularly valuable and inspiring.

Q: What internal accomplishment are you most proud of?

A: I am most proud of my transition from Case Management Assistant to Case Manager. This progression has allowed me to manage and coordinate my own case list, facilitating a smooth process for both clients and experts.

Q: What do you think sets JM apart from competitors or other companies?

A: What sets Juris Medicus apart from competitors is our meticulously vetted expert panel. JM continues to be a valuable partner in the legal industry, providing a crucial service to attorneys, paralegals, and insurance professionals. Our ability to deliver timely and reliable insights sets us apart in an ever-changing landscape.

Q: How do JM’s core values align with your own?

A: The alignment between JM’s core values and my own is quite strong, particularly in the aspect of “Operating as One” and “Quality & Excellence.” It is important to be a team player and to collaborate and work collectively to deliver exceptional service to both clients and experts.

Q: If you were an attorney-client, what would you find most valuable about the process at JM?

A: As an attorney-client, the aspects I would find most valuable at JM include the strong client relationship, timely performance, and the delivery of valuable insights from experts. Additionally, having readily available case managers who provide reliability and support throughout the legal process is highly beneficial.

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Juris Medicus is honored to have Celeste Iglesias on the team. Thank you, Celeste, for all you do!

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