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Beyond The Bio: A Spotlight on Erica Heard

Beyond The Bio: A Spotlight on Erica Heard

As a Case Manager at IMS Legal Strategies | Juris Medicus (IMS | JM), Erica Heard pulls from her decade of experience in the legal field to provide sound solutions for clients and experts. She supports attorney-clients and medical expert panel members by efficiently managing case details, facilitating communication, and ensuring timely and accurate case documentation. Read on to learn how Erica found IMS | JM, the value of our process, and the industry trends she has her eye on.

Q: How / why did you get into this industry?

A: While studying at the University of the Incarnate Word, I worked as a file clerk at a law firm, where I found great joy examining pleadings and discovery. My experience was further enriched by an incredible mentorship from a paralegal who had been in the industry for 30 years, solidifying my desire to embark on a career in the legal field.

Q: How did you find / why did you choose IMS | JM?

A: After more than a decade of experience in the legal industry and working with IMS | JM as their client, I encountered an opportunity to join the case management team. Following the interview process, it became clear to me that this was the perfect fit due to the company's culture, vision, and mission.

Q: What do you like most about your specific department and role?

A: What resonates most with my role as a Case Manager at IMS | JM is the commitment to delivering unparalleled "Quality & Excellence" when handling cases. I find immense satisfaction in working collaboratively with my colleagues, consistently striving to achieve our best.

Q: What internal accomplishment are you most proud of?

A: My greatest source of pride lies in maintaining a healthy balance between my personal and professional life. IMS | JM's dedication to fostering this balance has been instrumental in enabling me to lead a fulfilling and joyful life, both inside and outside work.

Q: How do the IMS | JM core values align with your own?

A: The alignment between the IMS | JM core values and my own is exceptionally strong. I wholeheartedly believe these values contribute to the greatness of this company. "Operate as One” fosters a unified approach of collaboration across departments, emphasizing the importance of delivering quality and excellence to our clients and experts. To "Honor the Relationship" is to consistently do what is right, and being dependable further reinforces delivering exceptional service.

Q: If you were an attorney-client (or an expert witness), what would you find most valuable about the process at IMS | JM?

A: The robust client relationships, punctual performance, and invaluable expert insights are what I consider most valuable about our process. Moreover, having case managers who offer reliability and support throughout each case is exceptionally advantageous.

Q: Do you have any predictions or comments on industry trends?

A: I am intrigued by artificial intelligence and want to see how it will impact the medical and legal industries. Modern technology could expedite record reviews and potentially revolutionize these industries.

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IMS | JM is honored to have Erica on the team. Thank you for all you do!

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