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Employee Spotlight: Erin Saenz

Employee Spotlight: Erin Saenz

The Juris Medicus intake department organizes medical records and uploads imaging for our experts to review. Juris Medicus Intake Supervisor Erin Saenz does an incredible job of leading this important step in “The JM Process.”

Q: How did you find and why did you choose JM?

A: I was looking to get my foot back in the door, professionally speaking. I had taken some time off to care for my children and was ready to get back to work once they started school. I saw an open position for an administrative assistant, which caught my eye based on the company description. I never knew expert sourcing companies existed. The merging of medical and legal seemed like the perfect fit for someone with my background.

Q: How and why did you get into this industry?

A: I’ve worked in the medical and legal fields for many years, holding such positions as legal assistant, paralegal, intake specialist, registrar, and patient coordinator. I’ve worked in plaintiff and family law firms, emergency rooms, and clinics. I was drawn to both fields due to the continual need for employees and vast opportunities for professional growth.

Q: What do you like most about specific department and/or role?

A: Without a doubt, it is my team! They make coming to work a truly rewarding experience. There is deep respect. We value and appreciate one another equally, and that is consistently reflected in our daily interactions. Every individual operates as one.

Q: How do JM’s core values align with your own?

A: Ownership Thinking, Humble Confidence, Quality & Excellence, Honor the Relationship, Operate as One—these are all values that not only I but my entire department live and work by. If I had to choose one that resonates the most with me as an individual, it would be Humble Confidence. I choose to lead by influence, not authority. I see myself as a servant leader, aiming to help first. I allow myself to be vulnerable in my role and give myself ample opportunity to continuously learn

Q: What accomplishments at JM are you most proud of?

A: I’m proud of my growth. I started with JM as the administrative assistant, moved to the intake specialist role, and then was promoted to intake supervisor. I worked hard to get where I am today and feel grateful for the recognition of that hard work with the professional opportunities I’ve been given.

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We are grateful for Erin Saenz’s leadership as the intake supervisor at Juris Medicus. She is a team player and is always willing to help when needed. 

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