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Expert Witness Case Study: Finding an Independent Medical Examination Expert

Expert Witness Case Study: Finding an Independent Medical Examination Expert

An independent medical examination (IME) is an evaluation performed by an expert healthcare professional who has not previously treated the patient. These examinations are requested and utilized to evaluate an individual’s disability and potential future medical treatment. As a leading provider in IME services, Juris Medicus was tasked with identifying and vetting a medical professional who could review medical records and provide an IME to evaluate injuries from a motor vehicle accident.

Primary Case Issue

Our client represented a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit involving a motor vehicle accident. The client hired Juris Medicus to provide a spinal surgeon to conduct an IME and evaluate the plaintiff’s injuries.

Expert Witness Requirements

  • Extensive clinical practice as a spinal surgeon
  • Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
  • Prior testimony experience preferred

Expert Witness Search

A Juris Medicus case manager identified several physicians and surgeons specializing in spinal injuries who fit the client’s requirements. The case manager sent the experts’ credentials, certifications, testifying experience, and background to the client.

Expert Witness Placement

The selected expert had more than 30 years of clinical practice as a spinal surgeon and experience in evaluating and examining patients for injuries relating to the spine. Once selected, the expert performed an IME on those injured, reviewed medical records, and provided the full report and narrative to the client.

Case Results

This case was settled.

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