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Juris Medicus Determining How (Part 3 of 3)

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Juris Medicus Determining How (Part 3 of 3)

Knowing why an organization does what it does defines its culture and attracts a following. However, the next important question a business must answer is, “How does what we do follow from why we do it?” Clearly, Juris Medicus’ passion for truth and justice motivated Dr. Gilbert Meadows and his team to gather a group of medical experts who also seek truth and to develop a process empowering physicians to review large volumes of data and deliver expert opinions in a timely manner.

The Juris Medicus Process

Those familiar with the judicial process know experts must review a large volume of documentation, a mound of data that grows daily. Unless handled accurately, critical data may be lost or overlooked. To glean truth from the documentation, experts must follow a clear, efficient process to expound accurately on the evidence.

The legal system also revolves around deadlines. Experts must review the documentation and deliver an exposition of their findings in a timely manner. Dr. Meadows and his team developed a proven review process. Over ten years in business, Juris Medicus and its medical experts, following the Juris Medicus (JM) process, met deadlines in 99.9% of client cases.

How does the JM process deliver these results? First, the Juris Medicus Case Management Team makes initial contact with the client’s legal representative. Then Intake Specialists volumize the case data and Record Management Specialists index the data chronologically. The Expert Liaison then electronically transmits the encrypted data to the medical expert.

Juris Medicus assigns an experienced paralegal to each case. The physicians review the documentation and coordinate next steps with the Juris Medicus Paralegal, who follows the entire life of the case. When all the data has been collected and reviewed, the experts expound on its medical veracity.

The Expert Team

With the assistance of a Case Manager, legal teams select and assemble a panel from Juris Medicus’ over 250 medical expert witnesses from over 50 adult and pediatric specialties. Juris Medicus selects physicians by invitation, ensuring they are licensed, board-certified, or board-eligible individuals who have been thoroughly vetted by their respective licensing boards and certifying entities. Juris Medicus also reviews the credentialing of the physicians every six months.

Vetted not only for their medical expertise, these physicians also adhere to the guiding principles of Juris Medicus. Clients who use Juris Medicus experts know all physicians on the panel have the same commitment to integrity and to a passionate search for truth.

Albert Einstein once reflected, “What I seek to accomplish is simply to serve with my feeble capacity truth and justice, at the risk of pleasing no one.” The Juris Medicus team knows there is no real justice without truth. How Juris Medicus provides medical expertise for legal teams clearly supports its why, a dedicated pursuit of truth.

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