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Meeting a Tight Deadline for a Counter Affidavit Case Study

Meeting a Tight Deadline for a Counter Affidavit Case Study

Situation: Client reached out to Juris Medicus looking for an expert to review and provide cost counter-affidavits (if appropriate) on twelve medical providers. The client’s deadline was 7 days out.

Approach: Understanding the urgency for this tight deadline, the case manager reached out to JM’s in-house billing experts to locate an expert who could review the billing affidavits by the deadline and determine if the charges were usual, customary, and reasonable (UCR) or if counter-affidavits should be prepared. After review by the billing and coding expert, it was determined that 8 of the 11 billing affidavits were above UCR and the billing expert prepared 8 counter-affidavits and they were submitted to the attorney prior to the short deadline.

Results: The Juris Medicus team pulled together to make sure the very quick deadline was met for the client. Our billing expert reviewed 12 billing affidavits and provided 8 counter-affidavits on cost in less than a week.

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