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Navigating Neuropsychology Expert Insight

Navigating Neuropsychology Expert Insight

An expert in neuropsychology can make all the difference in the courtroom. These specialists provide knowledge on neurological, neurodevelopmental, and psychological conditions, stemming from cancer, neuromuscular disorders, seizures, and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). In a legal matter, neuropsychologists can offer objective, critical testimony when clients seek in-depth psychological evaluations.

At IMS | Juris Medicus, we understand the need for a tenured medical expert who matches the requirements of your case. Our panel of more than 500 medical experts across 85+ specialties and subspecialties ensures you find the right practitioner for your matter.

How A Neuropsychologist Serves Patients

A neuropsychologist specializes in the relationship between the brain and human behavior. They evaluate, diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate people of all ages with neurological, developmental, or psychological conditions that affect cognitive function.

To make assessments, these medical practitioners rely on comprehensive tests, such as blood and urine samples, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) scans, and ultrasounds. These tests assist neuropsychologists in detecting up to 600 types of brain diseases, like concussion, epilepsy, migraine, stroke, trauma, brain tumors, and TBI. In addition to tests, neuropsychologists also evaluate physical and psychological factors to determine medical interventions. Common treatments recommended by neuropsychologists include behavioral management, remediation interventions, and cognitive strategies.

Types of Subspecialties

Neuropsychologists may subspecialize by completing a fellowship following a residency in clinical neuropsychology. Some fields that neuropsychologists may further concentrate on include forensics, neurocognitive disorders, autonomic disorders, epilepsy, and behavioral neurology. There are also pediatric neuropsychologists who focus on diagnosing and managing neurologic conditions affecting children from birth through adulthood.

Benefits of Using an IMS | JM Expert

IMS | Juris Medicus neuropsychologists are licensed psychologists in active practice. Nearly all are additionally board-certified by the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology. Their licenses and certifications are regularly checked to ensure clients are hiring qualified medical experts for their cases in personal injury and similar matters.

IMS | JM is a Trusted and Proven Source

IMS | Juris Medicus offers attorney clients the chance to strengthen their case strategies using our extensive network of neuropsychologists. Ultimately, with vast experience and professional dedication, we are ready to help you position your case for success.

Let’s Stay Connected

Trust IMS | JM to efficiently handle your medical expert needs for personal injury cases, insurance claims, and similar matters. With more than a decade of experience, we stand as a beacon of reliability and proficiency in the field. Contact our team to get started.

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