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Navigating Pulmonary Disease with Expert Insight

Navigating Pulmonary Disease with Expert Insight

When it comes to litigation, a pulmonary disease expert can make all the difference in the courtroom. Our skilled team of pulmonary disease experts provides unparalleled insight into a broad range of diseases that people face, from asthma to bronchitis to emphysema and other pulmonary conditions. Their unique expertise puts them in a position to provide critical testimony during deposition or trial.

Types of Pulmonary Specialties & Subspecialties

In pulmonary medicine, there is a wide range of specialists, each focusing on different aspects of respiratory health. For instance, general pulmonologists deal with a broad spectrum of lung conditions. The IMS | JM expert panel includes experts specializing in pulmonary subspecialties, including critical care involving mechanical ventilation, sleep medicine, or specific diseases like cystic fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension. Our dedicated case management team vets and presents experts tailored to our attorney clients' unique needs.

Benefits of Using an IMS | JM Expert

Choosing us for your pulmonary expert witness needs offers a slew of advantages. With more than 15,000 cases served and a network comprising over 475 medical experts across 85 specialties and subspecialties, IMS | JM prides itself on a rigorous selection process.

Clients benefit from our experts' abilities to conduct detailed reviews and provide objective medical assessments that can significantly influence the outcome of litigation. Our network's reach extends across Texas, South Carolina, and North Carolina and is expanding into Georgia, enhancing our capability to provide local witnesses crucial for meeting the specific legal requirements of each jurisdiction.

Trust IMS | JM to Position Your Case for Success

At IMS | JM, we understand that the stakes are high in medical litigation. Whether a case requires a detailed medical record review, an independent medical examination, or expert testimony, IMS | JM ensures that each client is equipped with the best resources to navigate their legal challenges effectively. Contact us today to find the right expert for your case.

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Trust IMS | JM to efficiently handle your medical expert needs for personal injury cases, insurance claims, medical malpractice, and similar matters. With more than a decade of experience, we stand as a beacon of reliability and proficiency in the field. Contact our team to get started.

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