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Trust Juris Medicus for an Independent Medical Evaluation

Trust Juris Medicus for an Independent Medical Evaluation

An independent medical evaluation (IME) is performed by a trained physician or medical professional who has not previously established a physician-patient relationship with the patient to be examined or provided any prior treatment. Insurance companies, employers, and attorneys rely on IMEs for legal or administrative proceedings, such as workers’ compensation, disability claims, or personal injury litigation, to assess disability and future treatment.

Types of Objective Evaluations

As a leading provider of IME services in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina, Juris Medicus aims to deliver quality, timely, and unbiased assessments. With a network of more than 375 medical professionals covering 85 specialties and subspecialties, we offer three objective evaluations:

1. General Medical Examination: Assessing the patient's prior treatment, current condition, and necessity for future treatment by an unbiased medical professional.

2. Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluation: Focused on cognitive abilities, such as attention, memory, planning, and problem-solving.

3. Mental Health Independent Medical Evaluation: Conducted by qualified psychiatrists or psychologists to assess mental or behavioral health disorders and their impact on daily life.

Benefits of an IME

IMEs offer a range of benefits to insurance claims or attorneys litigating on behalf of their client in a workers’ compensation matter. Our services provide detailed medical reports that, when used in legal proceedings, can resolve disputes, concerns, and questions regarding medical treatment and the condition of the patient. Below is a list of additional benefits of our independent medical evaluations:

  • Removal of roadblocks for swift case resolution
  • Dependable, unbiased medical reports
  • Assistance in determining the appropriate treatment plan
  • Cost-saving measures to prevent inappropriate treatment

Rely on Juris Medicus for a Medical Evaluation

Trust Juris Medicus to handle your IME needs efficiently. Our services are essential for legal proceedings such as personal injury, insurance claims, and workers' compensation. Contact us today to schedule an IME and position your case for success.

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